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Puppy Questionaire

Magik Mudi Kennel


First and last name:


Address Location (City/State/Province):


1. Why are you interested in a puppy?


2. Have you or do you currently own herding breed or a Mudi? * What made you decide on this breed? Have you researched the breed?

3. Do you own any other pets? Please specify:


4. Please list your primary veterinarian and their phone number:


5. What kind of home do you live in?

Single Family Home

Multiple Family Home



6. Do you own or rent your current residence?




If you rent, will your landlord verify that you are allowed to have a herding breed/ 30 pound dog that barks?




7. If you have children, please select the age of your youngest child:

No Children

Newborn - Two years of age

Three - Five years of age

Six - Eight years of age

Nine years or older


8. How long is your normal work day?

Please describe how long you are out of the house at any given time, including whether or not you are able to come home on lunch breaks to tend to a puppy.


9. Do you have a trainer who you already work with, or access to a training program?


For pet home puppies, we suggest at least a puppy obedience training class to help you learn the basics of dog training. Working closely with established trainers and behaviorists is ideal, but please ask for recommendations before deciding on a trainer to avoid those with records of abuse or neglect.





10. What do you plan to do with your potential puppy?  Please rate in order of importance to you the following: structure, temperament, drive, sex, color and any other attributes (be specific).

Show Prospect

Sport / Performance Prospect

Breeding Prospect

Family Pet


If you chose Breeding Prospect, do you agree to health test your chosen dog or puppy at minimum for through OFA Cardiac, Hips, Elbows, Patella, Eyes and Genetic Diseases (if not already done as a puppy)? More is ideal, but these are the absolute necessities. *

We strive to bring the healthiest puppies into the world by screening our adult dogs for genetic diseases, cardiac and joint problems before breeding them. This helps lessen the chance of future dogs and puppies having these problems, and we expect any of our dogs or puppies who are breeding prospect dogs to have the same testing done to further promote health in future generations.



Non-Applicable (Chose Family Pet Only)



11.If you chose Show or Sport/Performance, what registries/clubs/organizations do you plan to compete in?

Ex: AKC, UKC, Dock Diving, Agility, Rally, Scent work, FASTCAST, etc.


12. Are you willing to crate train your puppy?




13.Will your puppy be an inside or outside dog?




14.Do you agree to send photo updates as requested?




15.What is your preferred sex for your puppy?



If you have any other questions or information relevant to your purchase, please specify that here:

16. If you can't keep the dog for ANY reason, will you return him/her to the breeder?



By completing this form, you are requesting to purchase or co-own a puppy from Magik Mudi Kennel. We reserve the right to refuse a placement at any time. We raise our puppies with modified Puppy Culture techniques to give them the best chance to be well-rounded individuals. Our parent dogs will be health tested through OFA and Embark unless otherwise noted. All puppies sold or co-owned from Magik Mudi Kennel puppies are expected to be fed a high quality, nutritionally complete commercial or raw diet. If you have questions about proper nutrition, do not hesitate to ask.

Applications will be processed in the order they are received, if you are accepted as a candidate for a puppy you will be notified. If there are puppies available that fit your specific needs, you will be sent our contract detailing the agreement you've requested, as well as a request for a monetary commitment holding service fee to ensure your purchase or co-ownership of your puppy. The commitment holding service fee amount is to be determined by Magik Mudi Kennel. We will not place a puppy without a signed contract agreement. Full payment is expected before your puppy is to leave our property. Should you require your puppy to be shipped, it is your responsibility to arrange the transportation with all parties as soon as possible.


If you have completed this form and have requested a family pet, we do require spay or neuter between 18 months of age and 2 years of age. The alteration should be no sooner than 18 months of age to guarantee your pet the best chance at proper, uninterrupted growth, and to avoid the various health problems associated with early spay/neuter. If you need to spay or neuter earlier, we can discuss it and what health issues can occur. Pet home puppies will receive their registration papers after the puppy is spayed or neutered. 


Puppies will be chosen in the order the applications are received, after we choose our own pick puppy or puppies. Puppies will not be placed by coat color but by personality and best fit to puppies new home. Should you elect not to take a puppy from that litter, your holding service fee is forfeited, but it may be changed to a different litter. We do not guarantee other litters will be priced the same.


Do you agree to the terms written above?



Where did you find out about us?

Facebook, Instagram, GoodDog, AKC market place, etc

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